By Collection

By Collection

You can search for sofas, sofa beds, chairs and recliners from all the leading brands. At Master Sofa we are proud to offer an extensive collection of all the best products from all the leading names in the business. Since our birth over 15 years ago we have been transforming and refreshing the homes of Australians with stylish, functional pieces that boast timelessly elegant and ultra-sleek designs.

Our collection of quality home furniture is stylish and affordable and helps make decorating your home’s interior easy and seamless. Browse through our collection of big brands from Innovation Living Denmark, H & J, Muse, Corium, Domicil, Fabbrica, Gallery, Globe West and Relax Studio, and see how the different designs, styles, colours and patterns can change the look and feel of your home.  


  • Innovation Living Denmark

    Inspired by stylish Scandinavian designs and traditions with a heavy focus on fashion and lifestyle trends, Innovation Living creates long-lasting design with contemporary appeal. Innovation Living aims to create furniture that makes a difference in everyday life. Innovation is more than just a name; it is everything that they do, combining style, comfort and functionality to create innovative designs. Combining decades of experience in the furniture business with an eye to always evolve, develop and innovate to deliver furniture solutions for the ever-changing world. 

  • H & J

    H & J have been delivering first-class home furniture since 1994 with all designs and manufacturing taking place in-house at their Moorebank factory. With a passion for creating high quality and functional furniture in both the classic and contemporary ends of the design spectrum, a focus on utilising the highest quality materials and a commitment to the highest standard of craftsmanship has positioned M & J as a business of trust.   

  • MUSE

    Domicil is one of Germany’s top luxury brands, bringing together traditional classics with contemporary pieces. Domicil is best known for its outstanding craftsmanship and complete home furnishings. With a focus on handcrafted pieces backed by master craftsmen, Domicil delivers on its reputation for high quality products.  


    Fabbrica offers premium design quality sofas that are handcrafted to fit your individual needs and ideas. The experienced craftsmanship and high quality materials guarantee you a product that gives your home a personal touch that you will enjoy for many years. 


    With over three decades of research going into every recliner, Relax Studio is redefining relaxation with their ergonomically engineered recliners to give you the utmost comfort and relaxation. Relax Studio’s recliners come in various options of manual and motorised and come in multiple configurations, functions and colours to meet your individual needs